At Harvest, we’re in the business of helping business owners leverage the digital tools of the internet to grow engaged and loyal audiences and turn them into paying customers.

Whether you need a little help understanding the various strategies to do so, or you need a hardworking and experienced outsourced team to run your digital strategies for you, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at our various solutions below and find one that works best for you. Or, give us a call and we will help you choose a solution according to your needs. Happy Harvesting!



3 Month Seed-To-Harvest

$2,000/mo. (for 3 months)*

Through a measurable and intensive 3-Month Social Media Content and Advertising system developed in-house, Harvest will work with your company to accelerate and nurture an online community that will remain engaged and warm to the sale.

With in-house-created professional photos and videos as consistent as 7 days a week, 4 targeted and specific ads running on Facebook and Instagram each month, as well as retargeting efforts, Harvest will develop your digital marketing machine to drive new followers towards purchases of your products or services on a weekly basis. Every step will be accompanied by measurable metrics so we can see what is working and what isn't for your business.

At the end of the three month program, we will hand all necessary tools over to you and your team to keep up the heightened sales and audience building. (See our Monthly Partnership Solution if taking that on yourself seems daunting)

*(A Projected $3000/month value)



Monthly Partnership (Most Common)

Prices starting at $999/mo*

If you are looking for a dedicated digital marketing arm to your business but don't have the time or personel to do it yourself, consider hiring Harvest for month over month digital marketing and lead generation efforts.

Take full advantage of our content creation, story telling, and digital sales funnel resources for a contracted full year.

That’s up to 365 professional photos and videos, 48 campaign-oriented ads, segmented marketing emailing lists, fully handled social media interactions and communication, and a year’s worth of measurable new leads to boost your monthly sales goals.

*(prices vary depending on the needs of your business)

Bonus: If you started with us on the 3 Month Program, we will offer a 10% discount over the full year costs of our 12 Month Partnership



Ongoing Support

3 hours: $240

6 hours: $460 (a $480 Value!)

9 hours: $680 (a $720 Value!)

Still feel as though you need some guidance? Consider using one of our Ongoing Support Packages.

Purchase a bank of three, six, or nine hours to put in your pocket for future use. That way, if you run into some confusion down the line, we can jump right in and skip the formalities.

Just let us know and we’ll be happy to set up a meeting with you - either in person, on the phone, or with screen share. Each bank of hours is good for one year, but don’t worry, you can always re-up.



Content Collection Session

$600 for half day (3 hours)

$1150 for full day (6 hours)

Have an event coming up that needs to be professionally documented? Scraping the bottom of the old content barrel for some interesting photos or videos to post this week on your social media channels?

Consider grabbing the Harvest team for a half day or full day of content collection. We’ll sit down beforehand and plan out a whole shot list for photo and/or video and spend scheduled session knocking out content for you to use anywhere you need to.

This Solution was created for those who have smaller budgets and aren’t able to commit to the Monthly Partnership. However, we are just as excited about getting some solid content in your hands for use anywhere and anytime you see fit.