Social Media Can Be Bad For Your Business | #HarvestMusicMondays

Sure, you’ve heard how important it is to have an online brand and digital presence. You’ve probably also felt lost and discouraged and unproductive at times when working with social media.

Well, let me start by saying you’re not alone. 

Many business owners have put in hours into trying to figure out the art of social media... and many have found that it doesn’t always yield the biggest "harvest” 😉 in terms of leads or sales.  

Well, social media is like any other aspect of business. There are proper ways of strategizing and executing that allow these tools work in your favor.

Social Media can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

However, it can also be a powerful detriment to your business.

Quite a few business owners believe that if their social media isn’t doing much for them, at least they are trying… and making the effort.

But, allow me to give you a little metaphor.

Have you ever pulled up to or driven past a storefront that has a terrible sign – Some of the letters are missing, the colors are faded, and there’s a weird mold growing on it?

Not the best first impression. But, that business might just be the best in town because of the amazing product or services they sell, but a passersby will likely move on to the competitor after seeing how bad the upkeep of the storefront is.

Social media is, in many ways, the digital storefront of your business. If you have inconsistent posts that are lazily planned, photos taken with bad cell phone cameras in bad lighting, it doesn’t matter how many times you post in a week, it's giving your company a bad first impression to prospective customers.  

So, you might find its better to not post at all until you have some training on how to create appealing and engaging content, or even better, skip the harsh learning curve and hire a team to run it all for you!