How to Separate Personal & Business Notifications on Facebook

How many of you open up your personal Facebook page, only to find your notifications flooded with those from your business page?

For someone like me who likes to keep my personal life separate from work, this is a little annoying. Not only that, but if you're haphazardly checking these notifications while you're not in work mode, some of these might slip through the cracks.

If you don't have the Pages app, stop here and go check out my last blog post on this crucial tool. If you do, you're already one step ahead and ready for the next step.

Go to your personal facebook page and tap the notification bell. A prompt will appear with three options, "Hide this Notification", "Turn off Notifications of this type", and "Turn off All Notifications from this Page".

You'll want to select the bottom one, "Turn off all notifications from this Page." 

And there you go!

It's that easy. Now all of your business's notifications will live on one place, your Pages app, where they can't slip through the cracks. And work will cease to sneak into your much needed, personal down time.